>Termocamino Model Prestige 35/25  

Termocamino Prestige

with oven
Termocamino Prestige with oven


Termocamino Prestige

Termocamino mod. "Prestige 35/25"
Equipped with ceramic glass

colors: silver, copper and bronze Silver Ramato Bronzo  

model weight A Maximun Operating Pressure Boiler Ate Maximum Operating Presure In serpentine Ate Production of hot water system to 50° C.L./min Maximum surface heater m
35 278 1,50 6,00 15,00 300
25 264 1,50 6,00 15,00 150


1. Smoke out Ø 250 mm
2. Pioline opening door
3. Ceramic glass
4. Incoming secondary air
5. entry primary air
6. Ash tray
7. Deflation adjustement knob fumes
8. Adjustable feet
9. Temperature probe
10. Sent plant heating
11. Incoming cold water health
12. Hot water output health
13. Grill
14. Ritorn system heating
17. Flange valve fumes

Interchangeable coil
Interchangeable coil
The single coil with interchangeable for the production of health water
Grill series
Grill series
All of our termocamini are equipped with serial grills
Grill 2
Inspection door
Inspection door
System of opening the door to the casket
Attacks on the right and left
Attacks on the right and left
Our termocamini are available with the attacks on the right and left.

Attacks on the right and left
Special paint
Special paint The paint we use in scratch resistent and resistant to temperature of 650°
Sheets of 40 tenths
Sheets of 40 tenths
The plates used for the construction of Termocamini have a thickness of 40 tenths which provide duration more efficient in time
Regulation draft
Tiraggio manuale
Draft gas regulation
Internal ventilation
Bocchette ventilazione
Internal ventilation of the glass that prevents dirt from smoking
(Tests made from IMQ before control marking CE)
KCS plant
KCS plant
This type of plant can be adopt in all termocamini
(click here for full details)
Adjustable media
Supporti regolabili
The media can be adjusted or even removed